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India T20 Squad | India Men’s Cricket Team: India Cricket Team in 2024

The rate of ascent to the top of T20 cricket by India has been staggering with a series of victories and constant excellence. The recent thrashing Afghanistan witnessed against them reveals that they rule this arena while the game against South Africa was highly fought but eventually won by them. Indian cricket is already dreaming about winning the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024. Their experienced Rohit Sharma heads their batting order that features powerful hitters like KL Rahul himself while Jasprit Bumrah draws on the accuracy, Yuzvendra Chahal assists from behind along with Ravichandran Ashwin except they do not completely rely upon pacers only. This next tournament gives India a chance to further solidify its position as one of the most prominent Twenty-Twenty teams ever and enter into the annals of cricketing history with yet another title win. India has grown so much since then, with some senior players still there like Virat Kohli but also new names like KL Rahul who wasn’t even playing back when Dhoni last won us anything big before retiring completely; everyone else is young up to date now because it seems we only just began our journey towards becoming champions once again in 2018 under captaincy by Rohit Sharma.

India T20 Cricket Team

Rohit Sharma (Captain)

Rohit Sharma (Captain)

Rohit Sharma is fondly known as ‘Hitman’ due to his extraordinary exploits in T20s. Rohit Sharma is not numbers alone. He always plays beautiful shots making good contact with many fours without showing any sign of fear at the crease. These feats encompassed by his exposure and leadership qualities as a genuine great player in the 20-20 format make him one of those who can challenge in the 2024 World Cup.

Rohit Sharma, as captain of the Indian T20 team, will be vital for their title defence in the upcoming World Cup because of his leadership skills and experience. He plays an important role in India’s batting lineup, he can anchor innings or play match-winning knocks. Although more research may need to be done on Rohit Sharma’s performance during the last World Cup (2022), overall his T20 record says it all about his potential to lead India to glory.

Not Out1850
Balls Faced28398365
High Score121121
Strike Rate139.97133.87
Strike Rate6821.8

Yashasvi Jaiswal

On domestic cricket and IPL ranks, Yashasvi Jaiswal is making himself felt as a talented young cricketer. However, he hasn’t had a chance to represent India in the T20 World Cup yet. Jaiswal boasts a strong domestic T20 record.

Despite all of these domestic heroics, Jaiswal has not been called up to India’s squad for twenty-over cricket World Cup matches against other countries. Because of the stiff competition for opening batsman slots, he needs to continue performing consistently if he wants the selectors’ attention. Jaiswal is a young talent with immense potential. Being successful in domestic tournaments and IPL would surely get him into the Indian T20 squad and enable him to compete in subsequent world cups as well. For a format like T20, it is therefore safe to say that he can only be an asset considering his aggressive nature and rapid scoring rate.

Not Out14
Balls Faced3101585
High Score100124
Strike Rate161.93148.01

Virat Kohli 

In regards to run-scoring dominance across formats, one used to refer to Virat Kohli’s name but things changed when it comes to T20 cricket. Virat Kohli had good form during the 2022 twenty-twenty World Cup hence silencing some critics who had raised doubts over his form then. This high ranking was attributable due because of the consistency shown throughout the World Cup. By scoring four significant half-centuries, he created a platform for the Indian batting line-up.

Although his recent form with the bat may require further scrutiny, Kohli’s hunger for runs and experience on big stages makes him important to India. For instance, Kohli’s leadership traits and aggressive style of play have motivated many cricketers in this era. 

Not Out3168
Balls Faced29229009
High Score122122
Strike Rate138.15133.36
Strike Rate3857.5

Rishabh Pant 

In the world of T-20 cricket, Rishabh Pant has carved a niche for himself as an aggressive left-handed batsman who finishes matches with a bang due to his unshakeable willpower and audacity with the bat. Pant’s fearless approach as well as field innovations instills confidence among players who are part of Team India. This is because he is one person who can change games single-handedly – a true match-winner when it matters most for any Indian team is Pant. While not always grabbing headlines, his clean glovework and ability to take crucial catches at critical moments are valuable assets.

Pant plays an aggressive brand of cricket which puts him right at the heart of India’s T20 batting order.  Here’s what could happen next:

  • Leading from the Front: With experience under his belt, Pant might take on a leadership role within the batting group, guiding youngsters and influencing key decisions during matches.
  • Refining his Keeping Skills: Though decent enough in wicket-keeping duties there should always be room for improvement. Further sharpening reflexes alongside improved technique will consolidate his place as an all-rounder package in Twenty20 cricket.
Not Out1229
Balls Faced7813019
High Score65128
Strike Rate126.37144.81

Sanju Samson

Sanju Samson has taken the domestic T20 circuit by storm with his audacious strokeplay and athletic wicket-keeping skills, making him a flamboyant wicket-keeper batsman. He has a high strike rate that demonstrates his power-hitting capabilities and ability to score fast runs in the final overs of an innings. He owns several centuries in T20 cricket which is indicative of his ability to amass runs as well as strike the ball for six regularly.

Samson’s aggressive approach to batting, world-class fielding and presence behind the stumps are vital for India’s morale. He is a complete player and an important member of the national team trying to win T20 World Cup titles.

Not Out228
Balls Faced2814720
High Score77119
Strike Rate133.09133.45

Jitesh Sharma

Jitesh Sharma is yet to find his feet in the Indian T20I set-up despite being a talented keeper batsman. His outstanding keeping abilities include being quick on his toes with safe hands whenever he takes position behind the stumps. Possibly, consistent performances in domestic tournaments coupled with some improvement in his batting can see him become one of his future selections.

Not Out014
Balls Faced681591
High Score35106
Strike Rate147.05148.39

Shubman Gill

Shubman Gill has been such prolific this young Indian batsman seems to have announced himself onto the international stage with some superb technique and stroke play in Test matches and ODIs alike. However, T20s especially at an international level are yet to start for him though he had a great run last season while playing domestic T20s. This suggests that Gill can change this fact if only follows the path shown by other upcoming talents by using a limited overs format style while doing so. Gill could be one for tomorrow in India’s squad at next year’s World Cup if he continues on this path because it’s promising.

Not Out119
Balls Faced2272896
High Score126129
Strike Rate147.57136.94

Rinku Singh

The name Rinku Singh has been all over Indian cricket circles lately; however, little is known about him beyond these boundaries. For somebody who has not played much international cricket, he has shown a lot of talent in limited opportunities in T20Is. Nonetheless, his meteoric rise, breathtaking domestic performances and glimpses of brilliance at the international level indicate that he could be the next big thing for India in the global T20 arena. Singh may soon be one of the most popular players on the world stage if he continues with his dedication to cricket and an insatiable desire for knowledge.

Not Out735
Balls Faced20216
High Score6979
Strike Rate176.23148.86
Strike Rate22

Arshdeep Singh 

Arshdeep Singh, a promising young cricketer from India, is still not yet well-established as a permanent player of the T20 World Cup team. his outstanding local performances and limited appearances in the national squad suggest that he might become another rising force in the international arena soon. 

Arshdeep was also contented with his ability to get new ball swing and generate good pace off the wicket. He was also expensive during his spells making him an important asset both at power play overs and deathovers. He is consistently taking wickets in domestic tournaments such as the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and the Indian Premier League (IPL).  

Not Out816
Balls Faced2772
High Score1212
Strike Rate125.9295.83
Strike Rate14.516.9

Avesh Khan

Avesh Khan, an emerging right-arm fast bowler with fire in his belly, looks likely to be an exciting prospect for Indian cricket. although he hasn’t had the opportunity to play in any World Cup T20 match, his domestic performances have been impressive and he is slowly gaining experience in T20Is. Also, while he has shown potential to be a consistent wicket-taker, his economy rate could sometimes vary. This will help him improve his game significantly by branching out and working on better control. Avesh has featured in a fair number of T20I matches (around 10-15 games) which has given him the chance to play international cricket.

With his talent and hunger for learning more about cricket, Avesh Khan could one day think of competing for that spot in an Indian T20 World Cup side. Nevertheless, Arvesh must continue doing well during Twenty-Twenty Internationals (T20I), and develop better control over his skills considering what others have done before him that helped them make a case for themselves into the team. He hasn’t played any match yet on the big stage but looks like someone who is going to create waves if given the right opportunity during such an event. He may one day challenge for a place within India’s twenty-over roster due to these attributes. 

Not Out312
Balls Faced855
High Score812
Strike Rate137.5112.72
Strike Rate20.918

Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep Yadav has established himself as an Indian cricketer whose left-arm chinaman bowling boasts numerous variations. His previous records in the T20 internationals suggest that he holds the potential to break up any sort of a batting line-up using his deliveries. Additionally, he has played at the T20 World Cup level before even if he does not make it to every tournament but possesses qualities that would be valuable in future. International exposure was also evident in his career after making a few appearances (around 20-30 matches) in T20Is. A Variational Master: He employs a variety of deliveries including traditional wrist spin, googly and slider as his primary weapon.

Kuldeep Yadav’s worth goes beyond big numbers on a scorecard. It is about his ability to trick batsmen around through changing variables and effecting high stakes overs during T20 World Cup contests for India. He cannot only carry out bowling spells which have an effect on crucial international Twenty-Twenty fixtures by baffling opponents. But also due to this fact still has a chance to be regarded as a genuine asset for the Indian Team. 

Not Out329
Balls Faced59284
High Score2323
Strike Rate77.9682.04
Strike Rate12.517.4

Mukesh Kumar 

Mukesh Kumar is a young fast bowler who is showing great promise with both pace and swing back home. Being part of the team representing India at the twenty-twenty World Series hasn’t happened yet because this young player still has some way to go internationally. However, some signs suggest Mukesh may well become a future inclusion within this set-up despite its current state. In terms of Mukesh Kumar’s case, actual number of international matches played at T20 levels is extremely limited (0-2 matches). This means that any data relating to him based on these games will be scanty.

Mukesh Kumar is a good prospect for a fast bowling future in India, but he has not played in any T20 World Cup game. For him to push for an Indian team spot, he should focus on his opportunities in the T20I and work on his skills. He has the talent and dedication required to become one of the players who will be considered by India’s coaching staff when they are selecting their twenty-twenty World Cup squads.

At this stage, Mukesh Kumar still dreams of playing in the T20 World Cup someday. Consistent performances at domestic level cricket combined with breaking into the national squad for the t20 international may therefore pave the way for consideration of future involvement in such tournaments.

Not Out312
Balls Faced220
High Score46
Strike Rate25085
Strike Rate21.922.6

Ravi Bishnoi 

Ravi Bishnoi is another young attacking leg-spinner who burst onto the scene with some sharp deliveries for India in cricket. Although he has limited experience in T20 world cups, Bishnoi’s talent as well as recent form suggests that he could be a contender for future inclusion within this line-up itself. As far as his appearances record is concerned in T20 internationals it is just starting (around 3-5 matches). In other words, building up an all-round statistical profile at this point can be quite challenging.

Yet to play in a T20 World Cup match, Ravi Bishnoi is an Indian cricket star on the rise. His focus will be on picking more opportunities in T20Is and refining his skills so that he can be considered for future selections of World Cup squads with arguments that are strong enough. This may see him emerging as a key cog in the Indian spin attack at the highest level. With his talent and appetite for knowledge, Ravi Bishnoi could become a future candidate for an Indian T20 World Cup spot. On the other hand, he will have to show how good he is against T20I matches while adapting his attacking style of spin bowling according to international standards required for these formats.

Not Out212
Balls Faced14128
High Score822
Strike Rate171.4288.28
Strike Rate15.618.4

Ravindra Jadeja 

India can only do with Ravindra Jadeja, their spin all-rounder in T20s. While not very spectacular contributions with bat or ball are very important for Indian victory at the T20 level. Ravindra Jadeja, commonly known as India’s “silent assassin” plays an influential role in their T20 strategy. His capability of keeping runs down with his bowling, contributing through crucial cameos and taking amazing catches makes him priceless. Having this experience and being an all-rounder, Jadeja will remain a vital player for India also in future T20 World Cups. He has played over 60 T20 Internationals, which demonstrates how experienced he is at the international level. Although his average is not among the lowest, he offers essential control through left-arm orthodox spin and many wicket-taking opportunities during the middle overs.

Not Out1590
Balls Faced3832632
High Score4662
Strike Rate125.32129.44
Strike Rate2423.7

Shivam Dube 

Shivam Dube is a left-hander renowned for destructive stroke play and good left-arm medium pace who has established himself as one of the best players on the domestic T20 circuit. However, when it comes to international cricket specifically during World Cup T- 20 Dube’s name has not been mentioned yet. Dube has a significant number of experiences from domestic t 70 games approximately 50-70 games that have made him perfect as an all-rounder so far. Shivam Dube still awaits a call-up into the Indian team to play in any ICC-organized world event such as the World Cup even though he becomes successful every time he gets a chance to perform at any highest-level game or series like IPL each year.

Not Out732
Balls Faced1901655
High Score6395
Strike Rate145.26139.45
Strike Rate27.321.6

Axar Patel

Axar Patel is another example of what an excellent player should be after being polished up by cricket authorities. In addition to the usual good run rates in T20 matches they have played before now Axar has been a pillar of every T20 Indian win and also some good individual shows during the T20 World Cup. He played over 50-70 matches in T20Is, which shows how seasoned he is at the international level of cricket. During these crucial middle and death overs, he boasts of a tight economic rate making him valuable.

Axar Patel’s impact goes beyond impressive statistics. His ability to deliver under pressure and win great match-winning innings during vital World Cup matches makes him truly valuable for Team India. Axar Patel remains an excellent all-rounder even now years after he rocked the T20 universe.

Not Out1255
Balls Faced2501903
High Score6570
Strike Rate144.4134.83
Strike Rate19.924.1

Tilak Verma 

Tilak Verma is one such youngster from Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) who has started making waves in domestic circles with his classy stroke play and mature approach towards batting. While establishing himself as a player to watch out for, he has only just begun his career in international Twenty20s, especially when it comes to Twenty20 world cups. A few (around 3-5 games) T- 20I appearances are all that Tilak Verma can boast about so far. Therefore, it becomes difficult to construct a comprehensive statistical profile for this young player still nurturing his skills at the senior level.

The strike rate may be lower because as a middle order batsman he gets limited opportunities earlier on but since scoring quick runs is very important during limited over matches bowling first will expose his team when they come out to bat and consequently he will face opposition bowlers with lesser wickets which make him vulnerable later on even if they have more established partners like Munish or Atul whose strike rates are higher than Verma’s initial one.

Not Out517
Balls Faced2411456
High Score55121
Strike Rate139.41141.96
Strike Rate1526.6

Washington Sundar

Washington Sundar is a budding off-spin all-rounder who is gaining popularity in Indian cricket due to his cost-effective spells and responsible middle-order batting. He maintains an eye-catching economy rate while bowling which makes him crucial during powerplays and middle overs when run flow is important. While his average might not suggest a prolific wicket-taker, Washington Sundar provides variety to the Indian bowling attack through his ability to turn the ball and create pressure.

Washington Sundar is more than just numbers. It’s because of such things as keeping runs down on occasions, securing critical outs along playing key cameos with a bat that can make him be regarded as a reliable all-rounder especially when spin is expected to play a role in match outcomes.

Not Out522
Balls Faced711005
High Score5054
Strike Rate150.7120.29
Strike Rate23.726.1

Jasprit Bumrah 

Jasprit Bumrah is another word for sheer pace, deadly yorkers, or pin-point precision; these attributes have made him an indispensable member of India’s T20 bowling arsenal. He couldn’t feature in the victorious 2022 World Cup due to some injury issues but remains fresh in minds following his show of talent during both the 2016 and 2021 versions. A veteran who boasts many T20I outings (from around 50 up to 70 matches), which depicts how experienced he is at this level.

The Indian T20I team cannot do without Bumrah because of his exceptional fast-bowing skills paired with unending control plus variations. When Bumrah recovers from injury it will be interesting seeing him back into the blues side as soon as possible before everything crumbles down again.’ With such experience and a knack for taking wickets, Bumrah will remain the spearhead of India’s T20 pace attack for a while to come and inspire new-generation fast bowlers. As a result, avoiding injuries is very important for Bumrah if he wants to continue dominating the scene all the time. Therefore, his body should always be in good shape to allow him to actualize his maximum potential in any field.

Not Out527
Balls Faced13106
High Score716
Strike Rate61.5385.84
Strike Rate17.918.1

India T20 Cricket Team Winning Records

India scored their highest total in a T20I match against Sri Lanka in December 2017 amassing a massive score of 260/5. In that innings alone they hit an incredible twenty-one (21) sixes –joint-most ever for any team in one T20I innings. Their biggest win margin is an emphatic victory over New Zealand by one hundred sixty-eight (168) runs at Ahmedabad in February 2003, which remains as Test playing countries’ highest margin between them.

In total, India has played 219 T20I matches, winning 140 of them. It suffered losses in 68 games and had five ties along with six no results. This gives it an outstanding winning rate of 63.92%. Its stars like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya have been key figures in the country’s success story in Twenty20 cricket. They regularly perform well for their team and this has greatly helped the side achieve most of its goals. India’s Twenty20 journey is still fascinating fans worldwide as the Men In Blue is a force to reckon with in cricket’s shortest format of explosive batting, cunning bowling or electric fielding.

TeamOppositionSpanTotal MatchesWonLostNo Result 
IndiaSouth Africa 2006 – 20232614111
IndiaAfghanistan2010 – 20248701
IndiaZimbabwe2010 – 20228620
IndiaHong Kong20221100
IndiaNew Zealand2007 – 20232512120
IndiaPakistan2007 – 202212840
IndiaSri Lanka2009 – 2023291991
IndiaAustralia2007 – 20233119111
IndiaEngland2007 – 20222312110
IndiaBangladesh 2009 – 2023131210
IndiaWest Indies2009 – 20233019101
IndiaIreland2009 – 20237700
IndiaUnited Arab Emirates20161100
IndiaScotland2007 – 20212101

India T20 Cricket Team  World Cup Records

The maiden victory by the Indian T20 Cricket Team was secured in the first-ever version held in 2007. Under MS Dhoni’s shrewd guidance, India beat their arch-rivals Pakistan in a thrilling final match that was played at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg South Africa. In a high-stakes thriller, India emerged victorious by just about five runs. The hero of that final moment was none other than Shahid Afridi whose explosive all-round skills played an important role for Pakistan. It marked an important turning point for Indian cricket in 2007 when they won their first-ever T20 World Cup tournament which took place in South Africa. This saw Men In Blue demonstrate their prowess over shortest format matches under MS Dhoni’s leadership. The final encounter against Pakistan at Johannesburg’s Wanderers Stadium was full of excitement. This time it involved batting first and India managed to post a competitive total of 157 runs which Gautam Gambhir’s 75 crucial ones were the highlights of. However, it was the bowlers who sealed the victory. RP Singh, Irfan Pathan and Joginder Sharma combined to restrict Pakistan to just 152 runs thereby guaranteeing a thrilling 5-run win. That photograph of Dhoni hitting that winning shot will continue to be remembered in cricket history.

Again, in the 2014 T20 World Cup held in Bangladesh, India reached the finals. Sri Lanka was their opponent this time around. The event took place at Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium Mirpur. India went on bat first and put up an impressive 130 runs on board. However, the Sri Lankan pacers led by Lasith Malinga put up a good show restricting India to small scores. Sri Lanka made it with ease after chasing down the target thus they won by six wickets. Losing notwithstanding, India’s path to finals underlines their reliability and adaptability when it comes to T20 cricket.

YearTotal MatchesWonLostTiedNo Result
2007 – 200874111
2009 – 201052300
2012 – 201354100
2013 – 201465100
2015 – 201653200
2021 – 202253200
2022 – 202364200

India T20 Cricket Team  Coach

The Indian T20 cricket team has an experienced and well-informed squad of coaches who have dedicated themselves to transforming men in blue into a feared side. The following is an up-to-date list of the coaching staff as of March 25, 2024:

Head Coach: Rahul Dravid

Being a living legend, Rahul Dravid took charge of all Indian formats including T20Is in late 2021. His serene nature, tactical game plan and emphasis on creating a strong team culture among other factors have been instrumental in India’s rise to the top recently.

Batting Coach: Vikram Rathour

Vikram Rathour helps batters improve their techniques by training them how to deal with different scenarios. He works closely with his charges on many aspects of their play so that they can adapt different strategies for playing against various kinds of bowlers.

Bowling Coach: Paras Mhambrey

Paras Mhambrey is at present the bowling coach for the Indian T20 side after years of being Mumbai’s medium-pacer during his playing days. He has great technical knowledge and skills to spot upcoming talented bowlers. He works alongside the fast bowlers to develop new tricks to perform well during different stages of a Twenty20 match while at the same time helping them counter the opposition’s batting strategies.

Fielding Coach: T. Dilip

T. Dilip, a former Indian cricketer himself, is responsible for ensuring that India’s fielders perform at their best when out there on the pitch. Under his guidance, catching standards have improved drastically; there has also been better ground fielding, more accurate throwing and overall athleticism designed to make this Indian squad more impregnable in fielding abilities than any others ever before seen in World Cup history since its inception.

Working cohesively under Rahul Dravid’s leadership this coaching unit helps create an environment conducive for winning games by the national team in the shortest format. Their collective exposure, tactical preparations, and concentration on players’ growth have been responsible for India’s dominance in the T20.


India’s T20 cricket team is at the top of the sport, boasting a powerful combination of experienced players and emerging stars eager to continue their reign over international cricket. The side, which has been instrumental in many of India’s victories, is captained by Rohit Sharma who is himself an experienced cricketer and an excellent batsman. Notable among them include Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant, and Jasprit Bumrah. Each member has played a significant role in getting India where they are today as a team. The Indian squad includes hitters with power, skilled bowlers and versatile all-rounders meaning that this is one balanced unit capable of thriving under any conditions. The country has high hopes for another trophy to add to its cache given the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup will be held on its soil. This commitment to excellence coupled with sheer intensity remains the hallmark of Indian cricket which still remains a formidable force in global sports for the foreseeable future.

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