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Pakistan T20 Squad | Pakistan Men’s Cricket Team: Pakistan Cricket Team in 2024

Pakistan’s T20 cricket team is known for its rich history which has been marked by its enchanting and unpredictable kind of play. With Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan and Fakhar Zaman leading the way, the Pakistani team can be a very quick-scoring one, especially at the top. Pakistan has a varied bowling attack comprising Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf and Mohammad Nawaz who between them provide different types of pace bowler options or spin in most cases unsettling opposition batsmen. However, Pakistan’s greatest attribute is its indomitable fighting spirit that has seen it defy impossible odds to stage memorable comebacks. Nonetheless, there are challenges such as batting inconsistency, death bowling problems and decision-making under pressure. 

Pakistan’s T20 cricket team looks set to reach greater heights with an abundance of ability coupled with a well-versed coaching crew. Their future holds promise as they go through their process towards nurturing young talent by integrating them seamlessly into the T20 setup while moulding their skills for consistency across time. Consequently, Pakistan seeks to become more complete on the international stage by enhancing its consistency levels after working out specific areas such as death bowling and decision-making processes among others. Aspiring to recapture glory at the T20 World Cup, Pakistan remains an opponent difficult to underestimate because of its powerful batting lineup characterized by hard hitters like Babar Azam, lethal bowling attack spearheaded by Shaheen Afridi and unwavering fighting spirit that makes it difficult for any team to defeat them easily. Without question, though Pakistan’s T20 cricket team offers much admiration due to many moments of pure brilliance they display at times. As it progresses through the development phase and strategic refinement, Pakistan has the potential to emerge as a dominant force in T20 cricket at large, thereby leaving an indelible mark on the game’s landscape.

Pakistan T20 Cricket Team


Azam Khan

Azam Khan is one of the young guns in Pakistan’s T20 set-up who happens to be the son of famous Pakistani cricketer Moin Khan. A standout feature for him is his clean hitting and fearless approach, which are very rare among other players. Azam Khan is well recognized for his ability to hit with sheer brute force over long distances. He is a batter known for his ability to smash down balls beyond any boundary line effortlessly. This aspect makes him unique as it takes time for other players to start attacking bowlers from the first deliveries. It becomes pretty effective if practised using this method in T20 cricket since the team must score quickly. Despite being a young player growing up in this format, Azam Khan’s talent can’t be doubted about it. However, he realizes that consistency and shot selection are some areas he needs to improve on so that his game can keep getting better. On the whole Azam Khan is an emerging youngster with immense prospects in Pakistan’s T20 cricket arena. 

Babar Azam 

Babar Azam, the name which is beyond reproach in terms of style and pouncing on an opponent in contemporary times, has left his stamp on Pakistan’s T20 cricket. Known for having a classic technique, perfect timing and all-around shot-making ability Babar Azam is a bowlers’ nightmare in any format, especially T20s. With the bat, the right-hander has been leading Pakistan’s charge since 2021 through a strategic insight as captain and calmness under pressure. He also holds several records including fastest to 2000 runs, most fifties in a single T20 World Cup edition (4) and highest run scorer for Pakistan in a World Cup (474 runs in 2019).

Babar Azam is not just another star batsman but he is the mainstay of Pakistan’s T20 ambitions. His gracefulness, captaincy record and record-breaking feats have made him one of the greats of this format. As he continues to take them out from upfront more magnificence awaits including hopefully winning the World Cup for Pakistan T20 cricket.

Fakhar Zaman

Fakhar Zaman is a left-handed opening batsman who likes going after anything that comes his way adds a different dimension to the power hitting in Pakistan’s T20 batting order. Fakhar Zaman has built a reputation around raw power which takes him over boundaries quite easily. He can hit sixes at will especially when it matters. This tendency gives him an edge when playing against quick bowlers in the early stages. He prefers to play shots fast since speed counts more than everything else here. The inconsistent nature of Fakhar Zaman cannot be ignored despite being talented. Learning how to choose shots properly and improve temperament will go a long way towards cementing his place within the Twenty Twenty fold.

Essentially, Fakhar Zaman is an exciting batsman with the potential to change games for Pakistan in T20 cricket.  While his consistency needs improvement, Fakhar’s explosive batting and courage make him a fearsome opponent. We can expect more from him in the coming T20 World Cups which defines Pakistan.

Haseebullah Khan

Haseebullah Khan is a young batsman who has taken his place in Pakistan’s T20 world with aggressive stroke play that needs to be watched closely. In addition, he is a power hitter whose role in the middle order could not have been overemphasized due to clarity of thought when it comes to hitting long balls. He can generate brute force as naturally as you can think of in the world making him one of the best players for later overs. For example, during some crunchovers, six-hitting becomes very important. Notably enough, he does not hesitate to tackle bowlers head-on; thus demonstrating an attacking style that thrives on quickfire formats such as Twenty Twenty cricket. He’s a player who scores quickly and puts pressure on his opponents by doing so. It also should be noted that Khan is young and continues to learn how to deal with T20 games consistently. A good technique that will see him become solid is all about working hard on shot selection.

To sum up, Haseebullah Khan is a young batsman who shows great promise in Pakistan T20 cricket. Although still developing, his lack of fear while batting explosively means Haseeb could be one for the future representing Pakistan on bigger platforms than these.

Iftikhar Ahmed

Iftikhar Ahmad is recognized for his powerful clean hitting and tactical cleverness, features that have been instrumental in him having a special place in Pakistan’s 20-20 batting arrangement. His ability to use pure muscle and hit the ball out of the park with minimal effort sets him apart as one of the best six hitters around today. Especially during death overs where he adds substance among others. He can play a sheet anchor role or be an aggressive stroke player to accelerate the scoring rate according to circumstances. Iftikhar Ahmed has brought experience and maturity with him from over 70 T20 internationals. He commands a lot of respect from other players due to his rich experience garnered over time from playing at this level. 

Pakistan has been lucky to have the player Iftikhar Ahmed in the T20 games as he is an important part. His ability to change his batting, hit big sixes and perform well under pressure makes him a major showpiece. Through career growth, he will be a crucial player for Pakistan in T20 cricket for years to come.

Mohammad Rizwan

Mohammad Rizwan, the right-handed wicketkeeper-batsman, has become a vital cog in Pakistan’s T20 batting lineup. He is famous for his calmness at crunch moments and anchoring ability which provides stability on top of order. Technically correct batsman like Rizwan can build innings around this protracted manner finding gaps and rotating strikes successfully which gives a launch pad for other slog-overs players. He thrives in high-pressure situations showing remarkable stillness at the crease thus making him a partner reliable for aggressive batsmen. The technical brilliance of his batting style means that he has not had to rely on brute force alone while steadily improving his power-hitting capabilities recently thus enhancing his game.

Overall, Mohammad Rizwan is an important cricketer for Pakistan’s T20 cricket team. His role as an anchor man holding onto one end of the crease when others bat aggressively towards the end by contributing significant runs makes him a valuable player. In future, he can be expected to play this role as a leader who is dependable and capable of being relied upon.

Sahibzada Farhan

Sahibzada Farhan is slowly becoming Pakistan’s domestic cricket phenomenon as an exciting new young batsman since joining it from Abbottabad region in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of North West Frontier Province (NWFP). Although he has not made it as a regular player with the national side yet his talent and potential have brought attention which could lead him to become one of those people whom every person should keep an eye on because they might just explode one day when least expected. His natural strokeplay abilities are on show when Sahibzada Farhan comes in, and he effortlessly clears the boundary lines. His aggressive batting makes him a useful middle or lower-order player, particularly during slog overs that determine who wins a closely fought contest. He is known for his power hitting though he has shown adaptability in some situations. Rizwan can be an innings consolidator when needed, anchoring the sheet and building partnerships as well. The opportunity to play against international cricketers in competitions such as National T20 is providing valuable exposure to Sahibzada Farhan.

Overall, Sahibzada Farhan is a hopeful future for Pakistan’s T20 cricket since he is an attacking batsman who can also adjust to any situation on the field which makes him an exciting prospect because of his ability to switch from defence into attack mode instantly. With more experience under his belt and honing of skills, he will become a leading contributor towards Pakistan’s T20 victories in the time to come.

Saim Ayub

Pakistan’s T20 cricket has seen Saim Ayub, a young left-handed batsman, rise to the top. Although he is still new in the international arena, his ability and early displays have given way to hopes that something amazing is about to happen. He has a clean and stylish batting style that can time the ball sweetly and find the gaps easily. His switching of positions often keeps the scoreboard busy. Saim Ayub has shown adaptability in his gameplay. In this regard, he can act as a sheet anchor when required for consolidating innings or accelerating scoring rates with his elegant strokeplay. Additionally, he provides value through his right-arm medium-fast bowling when it comes to T20 matches.

This makes Saim Ayub a reflection of Pakistan’s T20 future promise altogether. His graceful batsmanship, versatility and budding all-round skills make him a fascinating prospect on whom eyes should be kept focused. As he gathers experience while refining his skill set over time, fans will be able to regard him as their key player for years in Pakistan’s T20 cricket world.


Shaheen Shah Afridi

Shaheen Shah Afridi is a young express left-arm fast bowler who has developed into Pakistan’s undisputed leader in T20 pace attack. His raw speed, impeccable swing bowling and knack for taking key wickets at critical moments have made him a living nightmare for opposition batsmen and an idol for Pakistani fans. He possesses outstanding raw pace consistently hitting 150 km/hr plus record while he swings the new ball naturally such that some unplayable deliveries leave batters exposed. As a result, he becomes a constant menace and wicket-taker. With his tender age though Afridi shows great calmness in high-pressure situations whereby he blossoms up at key moments to provide winning spells for Pakistan.

Finally, Shaheen Shah Afridi is surely one of those once-in-a-generation talents who is now the established leader of Pakistan’s T20 quick lineup. His unearthly velocity combined with exceptional swing and ability to deliver at crunch times marks him out as a true match-winner. As he goes on refining his skills perhaps leading the bowling attack there are good signs that he might become the mainstay of Pakistani success in T20 for years ahead.

Abbas Afridi 

A rising prospect in Pakistan’s T20, Abbas Afridi is a young right-arm medium-fast bowler. Excitement among fans has been generated by his pace, accuracy and developing skills while he is still establishing himself. It is worthy of note that Abbas possesses a decent raw pace and can clock up speeds beyond 140 kmph. This pace can be a vital asset in the T20 format where batsmen are under tremendous pressure if properly harnessed. While his strength lies in speed, he needs to work on his line and length as far as consistency is concerned. By refining his control, he would aim at specific areas and create pressure for the batsmen.

Abbas Afridi is an up-and-coming youngster who has great potential in Pakistan’s T20 set-up. His speed and improving abilities are indications of this talent (possible). Fans can look forward to seeing him playing significant roles in Pakistani T20 teams over the years as he becomes more experienced and develops his skill set.

Abrar Ahmed

Abrar Ahmed stormed onto the T20 scene with unique bowling action and outstanding performances. Even though he has had limited outings with his mystery spin, which helps him take crucial wickets time after time, Abrar Ahmed has become known as one of cricket’s next big things (rising star – another phrase). His deceptive carrom ball spins away from right-handers sharply being Abrar’s main weapon (primary weapon – another term). This unorthodox action along with the ball trajectory often confuses batsmen into playing shots too early or just missing them completely leading to mistimed shots most times or dismissal (often leave batsmen confused hence mistimed shots occur – another phrase). He does not only have a carom ball but also other types of deliveries such as traditional off-breaks balls or even quicker googlies available to him beyond it (variety – another word). For dissenters who find it difficult to pick his variations, all these make him a handful.

In brief, Abrar Ahmed is a young and exciting prospect for Pakistan’s T20 team. His mystery spin, control and taking wickets make him an important asset (valuable asset – another phrase). With experience growing and skills improving, fans should expect that he will be able to significantly contribute to the success of Pakistan in T20 matches in future.

Haris Rauf

Haris Rauf has grown into a key player for Pakistan T20s attack with his pace and aggressive style of bowling. He is a nightmare for opposing teams’ batters since Haris Rauf consistently bowls at speeds above 140 kmph while picking up vital wickets at crucial moments of the game (key moments – another word). Haris Rauf’s major weapon is his raw pace which always goes past 140 kmph. With some accuracy, he makes deliveries that are impossible for any batsman to even think about playing. This makes it nearly impossible for batsmen to score because Haris Rauf uses his lethal yorker deliveries in the death overs. When this ability is combined with the high-speed delivery of Yorker then it becomes a very tough proposition for batsmen as runs dry up.

All in all, Haris Rauf is an integral part of Pakistan’s T20 set-up. True match-winner; this sums up some of the qualities like raw pace, aggression and wicket-taking abilities that have been shown by Haris so far (true match-winner – another phrase). As he continues fine-tuning his skills perhaps even leading the attack, we can expect him to be a cornerstone of Pakistan’s T20 successes for many years going forward.

Usama Mir

The Pakistani spinner Usama Mir has easily caught the attention of supporters through his talents and perspective in T20 matches. Indeed, he has not had consistent international appearances which can be said to have blossomed into a career. Usama Mir reasonably possesses leggies, flights and control. This enables him to trick the batters with his variations while also making chances for LBWs and bowled dismissals. His stock ball is the leg-break but he still needs to work on his googly. Being able to bowl other deliveries such as the slider and a faster leg-break will add more depth to his skills, making him an unpredictable kind of a bowler.

Usama Mir is a young cricketing talent who has a bright future in Pakistan’s T20 set-up. Through his leg-spin bowling coupled with emerging variations, fans can see glimpses of what lies ahead of him. As he gets more experience and improves upon his capabilities, one should anticipate that he will significantly contribute towards Pakistan’s success in twenty-20 games over the coming years. Nevertheless, it must be highlighted that so far, he has only played very few T20 Internationals.

Zaman Khan

In Pakistan’s T20 cricket, Zaman Khan is a young and emerging right-arm fast bowler. He has developed into a real threat in the world of T20s with his raw speed, which is coupled with his skill to deliver yorkers accurately each time he bowls. The most critical weapon of Zaman Khan is his raw pace which maintains a consistent level above 140 kmph. Batmen’s reflexes and technique are tested by this amazing speed making deliveries unplayable; therefore, any batter finds it hard to face him. Although still developmental, he presents good accuracy that enables him to aim at specific points and execute his deadly deliveries more effectively.

Overall, Zaman Khan is a young and exciting talent in Pakistan’s T20 setup. His speedy bowling, emerging skills and early wins have made fans, as well as analysts, pay attention. If he keeps refining his skill set while gaining experience then Zaman Khan will be one of the best players in the world of T20 cricket.

Naseem Shah

Naseem Shah is a young right-arm fast bowler who has taken the world of cricket by storm due to his raw pace and aggressive nature on the field. In every game for Pakistan’s T20 team, Naseem turns out as an important element leaving a lasting impact on its supporters and opponents too. Naseem’s main asset is just this: His natural pace frequently exceeds the 140 kn/h mark. Such astonishingly high speed forces batsmen to make decisions in split seconds or even less time and pay for wrong decisions with their wickets in hand when they fall victim to Naseem’s bowling attack. Shah can swing the new ball either way without difficulty due to possessing seam movement ability when it comes along with unpredictability serving as another dimension making him harder for batters to come up against.

Overall, Naseem Shah is another teenage prodigy who has already become an important cog in Pakistan’s T20 setup. His raw pace, aggression and knack for picking up wickets have kept fans glued to their television screens all over the world. The 2022 World Cup final was not even a particularly successful day in terms of the number of wickets taken but it was his fiery spell that showcased his talent and determination. Naseem Shah is expected to lead Pakistan’s bowling attack in the T20 format for years to come as he continues to develop and gain experience.

All Rounders 

Aamer Jamal

T20 cricket has been an unconventional journey for Aamer Jamal. From the start known for his exploits in domestic first-class cricket, he gained fame through sheer determination and a debut that came out unexpectedly in the shortest format. In the longer form of the game, Amer Jamal created a path for himself when he even played his first Test against Australia in 2024. This was after he scored fifty runs and bowled with great value on Australian soil. And because of an injury to one of the players in the national T20 team, Jamal got his chance in 2023. He took advantage of this by making a calm appearance on debut against England.

In its entirety, Aamer Jamal is an exciting addition to Pakistan’s T20 squad. Having already had test experience, coupled with early success at T20 level makes him a promising prospect. With time and honing of skills, fans should look forward to him becoming Pakistan’s key asset in T20 cricket for many years.

Mohammad Nawaz

Mohammad Nawaz’s enigmatic nature in Pakistan’s T20 set-up is demonstrated by being a left-handed batsman and slow orthodox left-arm bowler Mohammed Nawaz is one of those cricketers with peculiar abilities as he offers power-hitting with good control of balls at other times despite that the inconsistency and some temperamental mistakes too characterize his career He has massive power hitting ability and can clear boundaries with ease especially lower down the order He tends to show up when it matters most Mohammad Nawaz’s bowling provides control mixed with variation thus being handy during middle overs especially flighting and drifting balls deceiving batters into making mistakes that eventually lead to wickets On fielding ground he brings high energy levels whereby one can see him making athletic catches or sharp throws.

Summarily speaking, Mohammad Nawaz epitomizes one of the most promising talents for Pakistan’s T20 cricket. His explosive batting, clever bowling and impactful fielding have made him a valuable asset for his team. However, being consistent and temperament are still some areas of improvement that he may adopt. Nawaz is expected to be one of the key players for Pakistan in T20 cricket in the coming years when he becomes more mature and knows how to cope with pressure.

Mohammad Wasim

Mohammad Wasim Jr., who is a young firebrand fast bowler, has emerged as one of the top rising stars in Pakistan’s T20 scenario. Raw speed, deceiving variations and aggressive nature enable him to become a dangerous weapon in the team’s lineup. Still, Wasim Jr.’s career is in a developing stage but it is already leaving indelible marks in the minds of cricket lovers. Mohammad Wasim Jr.’s hallmark is his raw pace that consistently exceeds the 145 kmph mark while bowling at express speeds making it difficult for batsmen to face him forcing them to play with caution. Additionally, Wasim Jr.’s change-ups are quite impressive too complementing his raw pace especially slow balls used as well as yorkers or disguised bouncers that often confuse batsmen making it hard to predict what he will do next.

Mohammad Wasim Jr. is an exciting prospect in Pakistan’s set-up—T20 format. His raw pace, deceptive variations, and aggressive spirit make him an exciting bowler to follow As he continues honing skills through experience fans can expect him a vital cog in India’s T20 success story for many years ahead.

Shadab Khan

Pakistan’s T20 unit has had a lot of use for Shadab Khan, the leg-spinning all-rounder. He is known as a bowler who deceives batsmen and scores quickly thus making him one of the best in his profession. Shadab Khan’s main weapon is leg spin bowling. He does this with an amazing variety of variations that include the googly, flipper, and slider that keep batsmen always on their toes. He may not be a regular top-order batsman but Shadab Khan can still put up some good scores. He employs clean hitting techniques and with no time he can take the scoring rate to another level using fielding power plays.

The fact remains that Shadab Khan is Pakistan’s genuine T20 superstar. His cunning leg spin, explosive batsmanship and lively fielding make him indispensable for his team. As he builds on these skills and perhaps steps into leadership positions, fans can look forward to seeing him become a mainstay of Pakistan’s T20 success for many years to come.

Imad Wasim

Imad Wasim was the former all-rounder from Pakistan who etched an honourable place in this country’s T20 format history. Even if he recently retired from international matches, his contributions to this format shouldn’t be ignored completely. The most valuable weapon of Imad Wasim is his accurate left-arm spin bowling ability. He was excellent at containment and flying ball beautifully as well as deceiving batsmen with variations, especially doosra. This made him very important, particularly during the middle over when stopping run flow becomes crucial. Apart from being not a power hitter in the lower order, he showed a composed batting style which could help consolidate innings after the fall of wickets and rotate strikes efficiently. On some occasions though timely boundaries ever helped increase run rates.

Meanwhile, Imad Wasim might not be into active playing but his legacy lives on within Pakistan’s T20 cricket circle. Through all those years fans will remember him as an astute spinner, cool-headed batsman and a valuable member of the team. However, meeting with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials recently made all-rounder Imad Wasim reverse his retirement decision to make himself available for selection for the upcoming T20 World Cup on Saturday. It will be recalled that Wasim had announced his decision to retire from international cricket in November last year.

Pakistan T20 Cricket Team Winning Records

Pakistan has shown various achievements in the T20I sphere. Starting with their first ever T20I match in 2006 to their first bilateral series win, Pakistan has been celebrated for its many earmarks, which are a testimony to their fighting nature and proficiency. At an individual level, some players have left an indelible mark in the country’s T20I landscape by contributing to the team’s success as well as setting records. Since the dawn of T20Is in 2006, the Pakistan national cricket team has had a formidable presence on this stage, displaying competence and resilience in numerous encounters. Having played 224 matches in this format alone, the Pakistan cricket team boasts of an impressive record with 135 wins, 80 losses, four draws and five no-results giving them a winning percentage of 63.02%. There is enough evidence that they are among the best teams when it comes to these shorter formats.

Pakistan T20 Cricket Team  World Cup Records

In terms of performance at the T20 World Cup, Pakistan has seen both ends of the stick. The opener was runners-up but lost against India during its first edition in 2007. Nevertheless, they bounced back with style two years later and emerged victorious from England itself after beating Sri Lanka in an exciting final match to become champions worldwide. However, They were also defeated by England during what was the latest edition held last year which made them finish as runners-up once again just like before The journey through which there is ease and difficulty alongside other challenges resulting from their great talents but demanding consistency on the big stage.

Pakistan T20 Cricket Team Coach

In February 2024, the entire coaching staff including Mickey Arthur (head coach), Grant Bradburn (batting coach) and Andrew Puttick (bowling coach) were shown exit doors by the PCB. This came after a string of disappointing outings with Australia-New Zealand tours being the worst cases. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been said to have plans to hire foreign coaches and supporting staff for the next T20 World Cup in 2024 according to recent reports. This move is indicative of the thirst for new ideas, maybe a more data-driven orientation. However, there is still no official confirmation regarding potential candidates. The board probably would be evaluating a wide range of possibilities based on experience, expertise or how they fit into the team’s current needs. The challenge for PCB is finding coaches who can improve performance as well as fostering a strong team culture while developing young talent at the same time. With a fast-approaching T20 World Cup, this means that the new group of coaches will need some quick integration with players before building a strong working relationship between them and the players again together with their other colleagues… In months ahead this will be a crucial phase during which PCB will try to identify the right leadership that can steer them towards success in the T20 World Cup first then beyond it.


To conclude, in the dynamic world of cricket, the Pakistan T20 cricket team is an epitome of resilience, talent and indomitable spirit. Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are among the leaders who include Fakhar Zaman. This squad combines power-hitting batting, formidable bowling line-up and never-give-up attitude that has Cwon them fans globally. Despite problems like inconsistency in batting and decision-making pressure, Pakistan’s commitment to developing young talents and improving their tactics shows a promising path towards future success.

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