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Lucknow SuperGiants: Lucknow SuperGiants IPL Team 2024

In the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) are a young team, but their path has already been full of promise and excitement. Having been founded in 2021, they joined the league in 2022 and quickly made an impression because to their strong fan base and aggressive style of cricket. Now let’s explore this fascinating franchise’s past:

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From Rising Pune Supergiant to Lucknow Super Giants

  • Even though the LSG is a new team, its owning group, RPSG Group, has experience with the IPL. Formerly, they were the owners of the Rising Pune Supergiant team, which competed in the league in 2016 and 2017. The RPSG Group, under the direction of Dr. Sanjiv Goenka, is renowned for its dedication to sports development and entrepreneurial zeal. The group offers the LSG invaluable knowledge and strategic vision.

A Grand Entry and Early Success

  • Through the super auction, the LSG was able to sign some of the biggest names in cricket, and they went into the IPL with a boom. Their team featured promising young players like Avesh Khan and Deepak Hooda, as well as seasoned players like KL Rahul, Quinton de Kock, Marcus Stoinis, and Ravi Bishnoi. The dynamic KL Rahul at the helm of the LSG soon won over fans with their aggressive batting and exciting contests. They surprised everyone by making the playoffs in their first season and proving they could be a serious threat.

Evolution of Lucknow Super Giants

The Lucknow SuperGiants, the newest team in the Indian Premier League, haven’t had much time to carve out a significant place for themselves in cricket history. Even still, their short path has been exciting, filled with risk-taking decisions, exciting performances, and a fan base that is excitedly awaiting their ascent to fame. The story of the Lucknow Super Giants is far from over. Even with the difficulties, their trip has been exciting and full of hope thus far. They have a fervent fan base, a solid foundation, and are well-positioned to scream even louder in the upcoming seasons. The Super Giants intend to make an enduring impression on the IPL scene as they carve their place in cricketing history. Let’s explore the beginnings and development of this fascinating franchise:

Birth of Lucknow Super Giants in IPL

  • From Ashes to Franchise: The former Rising Pune Supergiant team was replaced by the Super Giants in 2021. The former owners of the Pune team, the RPSG Group, demonstrated their unwavering faith in the cricketing potential of the city when they bid a record ₹7,090 crore to obtain the rights to Lucknow.
  • Auction Madness and Star Acquisitions: The Super Giants established themselves with well-thought-out purchases in the 2022 mega auction. Their skipper, KL Rahul, rose to become the team’s joint highest-paid player, and veteran players like Jason Holder, Marcus Stoinis, and Quinton de Kock gave the team firepower and experience. They demonstrated their dedication to long-term growth by counterbalancing this with young, talented players like Avesh Khan and Ravi Bishnoi.

A Journey of Milestones and Difficulties

  • Opening Season: An Exciting Debut: In 2022, the Super Giants made a stunning debut behind the charismatic leadership of Rahul. With nine wins in the group round, they showcased their aggressive style of cricket and young, dynamic players like Avesh Khan and Ravi Bishnoi. Even though they were unable to make the playoffs, their inaugural campaign created enthusiasm and laid a solid groundwork for what was to come.
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Rebuilding: The 2023 season was not without its difficulties. Key players suffered from injuries, and the team was inconsistent and missed the playoffs once more. Nevertheless, they demonstrated determination, with fresh talent such as Mohsin Khan rising to the occasion and proving their strength.

Developing the Franchise

The Super Giants are driven forward by business magnates, the Goenka family, through their RPSG Group. The franchise’s success is largely due to their financial support, management expertise, and vision. Gautam Gambhir who is a former Indian cricket player is the team’s guru, using his depth of knowledge and tactical ability to direct player growth and strategic choices.

The current captain KL Rahul and Indian wicketkeeper-batsman personifies the team’s spirit. His leadership abilities, aggressive batting approach, and capacity to develop new players are essential to the Super Giants’ development.

The Core: Key Players and Team Dynamics

The Lucknow Super Giants are a team based on quality, ambition, and a dynamic core group of players, not just a brand-new IPL franchise. Let’s take a closer look at the Super Giants’ core values, great players, and the dynamics that influence their style of play:

Captaincy Chronicles

  • The charismatic skipper: KL Rahul, is a perfect example of the aggressive, vibrant, and caring Lucknowi mentality. His leadership skills are not enough to describe his captaincy; it’s about establishing the example and motivating his colleagues to play their best cricket.
  • Setting an Example: Rahul’s hitting ability is well-known. He gives the inning stability and momentum with his offensive approach and ability to anchor it. Do you recall his explosive innings of 132 against the Mumbai Indians in 2022, when he took on a formidable 200-run target by himself, or his cunning move to contain Ravi Bishnoi in the final over of the Royal Challengers Bangalore match in 2023, which resulted in a victory in the final over? Bat and brain in hand, he leads from the front.
  • Building the Future: Rahul’s leadership also includes identifying young talent. He aggressively develops a strong team culture and creates a foundation for the future by mentoring players such as Mohsin Khan and Ravi Bishnoi. Rahul affirms, “Ravi has a bright future, his googlies can bamboozle the best,” demonstrating his dedication to developing emerging talent.

Players Standout Performers

  • Quinton de Kock: The dynamic opener from South Africa adds energy to the first team. His ability to score runs quickly, demonstrated by his 2022 94 against the Chennai Super Kings, in which he slammed ten sixes in a furious knock, can alter the course of a game on its own.
  • Marcus Stoinis: The all-around player from Australia has a special blend of accurate bowling and powerful hitting. He is a great asset because of his propensity to win close games, as seen by his last-ball six against Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2023. According to Stoinis, “I thrive under pressure,” and his greatest asset at pivotal times is his composure.
  • Ravi Bishnoi: With his cunning googlies and variations, the youthful leg-spinner has taken the IPL by storm. He is an important bowler for the Super Giants because of his ability to take wickets, which was demonstrated in his 3/24 against the Punjab Kings in 2023, where he deceived experienced batsmen. “I always try to learn and improve” Bishnoi declares, demonstrating his drive for development.
  • Mohsin Khan: With his raw speed and ability to take wickets, this young pace prodigy has impressed. His 2023 4/24 spell against the Delhi Capitals demonstrated his ability to challenge even the best batsmen, as he rocked the top order with his blazing speed. Khan states, “I want to learn from experienced bowlers and keep getting better,” demonstrating his commitment to improving.

Results from previous seasons played: 

SeasonMatches PlayedWonLostPointsPositionPlayoffResults
IPL 20221495183rdThe Super Giants made the playoffs in their first season by finishing the group stage with nine wins. They were eliminated in the Eliminator match against Royal Challengers Bangalore, who were ranked fourth.
IPL 20231486163rdLSG advanced to the playoffs for the second consecutive season after winning eight league games, although they were eliminated in the Eliminator once more, this time by the Mumbai Indians.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Despite their youth, the Lucknow Super Giants have made a big impression on the IPL with their aggressive style of play. Their explosive top order, which includes Rahul, de Kock, and Stoinis, which can destroy bowling attacks, is their greatest asset. With the outstanding spin of Bishnoi and the pure pace of Khan and Avesh Khan, their bowling attack is diverse. Future promise and excitement are added by young talent such as Teja and Jaiswal. But flaws are there. A middle order that is weak can be shown by an over-reliance on the top tier. Even though their young players show promise, they lack the experience that comes with playing in high-pressure circumstances, and their inconsistency has cost them important matches. 


  • Bombastic Batting Line-up: Rahul, de Kock, and Stoinis together offer a formidable attack at the top that can score large totals. They demonstrated their devastating potential in 2023 against Kolkata Knight Riders, when they recorded the highest Powerplay score in IPL history (106/0).
  • Well-Composed Bowling Attack: Bishnoi, Khan, and seasoned pacers like Avesh Khan provide diversity and flexibility to many situations. In 2022, their bowling attack held the Rajasthan Royals to a meagre 165, demonstrating their versatility and ability to hold totals.
  • Robust Leadership: Under Gambhir’s guidance, Rahul’s background and charm combine to form a solid foundation of leadership. “We may be a young team, but we have faith in our abilities,” states Gambhir, emphasising the upbeat and self-assured attitude of the group.


  • Middle-Order Reliant: If the top order collapses too soon, vulnerabilities may become apparent due to overdependence on it. Their middle-order struggled against Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2023, which led to a close loss.
  • Experience in Crucial Roles: Although youthful talent shows promise, they may not have the necessary experience when things become tough. Young players stumbled under duress in the 2023 final over Gujarat Titans, costing them the game.
  • Handling Pressure: There is still room for development when it comes to handling tight situations and matches. According to Rahul, “We need to learn to handle pressure better, especially in close finishes.”

IPL Season Recap: The Performance of the Lucknow Super Giants

Despite being new to the IPL, the Lucknow Super Giants have already won over supporters with their aggressive play style and exciting potential. Let’s take a furious tour through their seasons, delving into significant moments, memorable games, and takeaways:

2022: The Beginning of a Bright Future


  • KL Rahul’s Leadership: Rahul captained the squad with style and guided them to nine victories, placing them third in the league.
  • Vibrant Batting: Rahul’s 132* against MI and De Kock’s 94* against CSK demonstrated their explosiveness.
  • Emerging Young Stars: Avesh Khan’s steady pace and Ravi Bishnoi’s 3/24 vs PBKS impressed.

Low points

  • Middle-order Inconsistency: Reliance too much on top-order runs resulted in collapses during pivotal games.
  • Bowlers’ Challenges in Chases: It was difficult at times to defend totals, which led to close losses.
  • Missed Playoffs: In the Eliminator match against RCB, they lost despite having a great start.
  • Memorable Match: Stoinis’ six to secure the final-ball victory versus RCB demonstrated their tenacity.

2023: Construction and Education


  • Well-Composed Bowling Attack: Bishnoi kept up her excellent play, while Mohsin Khan’s addition provided zip.
  • Powerplay Dominance: Against KKR, they produced the greatest Powerplay score in IPL history (106/0), showcasing their batting brilliance.
  • Developing Youth: Deepak Hooda’s steady contributions and Khan’s 4/24 versus DC were encouraging.

Low points

  • Middle-order woes: Batting breakdowns that were essential were caused by persistent inconsistency.
  • Managing Pressure: In close games, jitters resulted in losses to SRH and GT at pivotal times.
  • Final Obstacle: Their defeat against GT in the championship game made it clear that they needed more practice under duress.
  • Memorable Match: They showed resilience in the exciting last-ball victory over KKR, which was achieved with the wicket of Bishnoi in the final over.

Impactful Moments:

  • Auction Strategies: While releasing seasoned players like Manish Pandey raised eyebrows, acquiring Stoinis and Khan proved vital.
  • Gambhir’s Mentorship: The team has benefited from the experience and tactical suggestions of the former cricket player.
  • Rahul’s Captaincy Evolution: Rahul has developed as a captain by adjusting his tactics and inspiring younger players. He has also learned from losses.

Learning from Setbacks:

  • Purchasing Middle-order Experts: Resolving the discrepancy is essential to long-term success.
  • Grooming Future Leaders: The team can gain from pushing players like Bishnoi and Khan to assume leadership positions.
  • Mental Toughness Training: It’s going to be important to prepare athletes to handle pressure in close games.
  • The path of the Lucknow Super Giants has been an exhilarating one, full of thrilling victories, devastating defeats, and insightful lessons gained. Fans are ready to scream even louder in the upcoming seasons thanks to a brilliant core, capable leadership, and a never-ending desire to get better. They are a side to keep an eye on in the always changing IPL because of their commitment to nurturing new talent and their aggressive style of cricket.

IPL 2024: Lucknow Super Giants’ New Beginning

In the 2024 Indian Premier League, the Lucknow Super Giants are prepared to roar back. Following two bright seasons that were full of memorable experiences and insightful lessons learned, the club is back with fresh enthusiasm, improved tactics, and intriguing new players. Let’s examine their preseason plans, evaluate their major purchases, and consider their goals for the forthcoming campaign:

Seasonal Readiness

  • Vigorous Training Sessions: Rahul and the coaching staff are keeping a close eye on the Super Giants as they work themselves into a sweat. Practice sessions concentrate on improving fielding agility, perfecting bowling accuracy and sharpening batting technique.
  • Creating Team Chemistry: Friendly scrimmages and team-building activities encourage understanding and camaraderie amongst players, both new and seasoned.
  • Data-Driven Strategies: The team can identify strengths, weaknesses, and possible opponents’ strategies by using advanced analytics to influence training drills and match simulations.
  • Emphasis on Pressure Situations: Practice sessions imitate high-pressure events to get athletes ready for pivotal occasions because they understand the need of mental toughness.
  • Building on Strengths: Rahul and de Kock lead their explosive top order, which is still a formidable force. With the addition of new players, the well-balanced bowling attack hopes to become more reliable.
  • Tackling Weaknesses: While the emphasis on pressure management seeks to address previous flaws, the middle-order reinforcements are anticipated to bring stability and experience.
  • Playoff Push and Beyond: While devoted supporters aspire to win their first IPL championship, making it to the playoffs is the bare minimum.
  • Developing Young skill: One of the important goals going forward is to continue to integrate young players effortlessly and to develop their skill.

Players for IPL 2024

PlayerRoleNationAuction PriceIs the Player Retained ?
KL RahulWK-BatsmanIndiaINR 17 CroreYes
Quinton de KockWK-BatsmanSouth AfricaINR 6.75 CroreYes
Nicholas PooranWK-BatsmanWest IndiesINR 16 CroreYes
Marcus StoinisAll-rounderAustraliaINR 9.2 CroreYes
Kyle MayersAll-rounderWest IndiesINR 50 LakhsYes
Ayush BadoniAll-rounderIndiaINR 20 LakhsYes
Deepak HoodaAll-rounderIndiaINR 5.75 CroreYes
Krunal PandyaAll-rounderIndiaINR 8.25 CroreYes
Prerak MankadAll-rounderIndiaINR 20 LakhsYes
Yudhvir SinghAll-rounderIndiaINR 20 lakhYes
Krishnappa GowthanAll-rounderIndiaINR 90 lakhYes
Arshin KulkarniAll-rounderIndiaINR 20 LakhsNo
David WilleyAll-rounderEnglandINR 2 CroreNo
Arshad KhanAll-rounderIndiaINR 20 LakhsNo
Devdutt PadikkalBatsmanIndiaTraded from RRNo
Ashton TurnerBatsmanAustraliaINR 1 CroreNo
Ravi BishnoiBowlerIndiaINR 4 CroreYes
Mohsin KhanBowlerIndiaINR 20 LakhsYes
Mark WoodBowlerEnglandINR 7.5 CroreYes
Yash ThakurBowlerIndiaINR 45 LakhsYes
Amit MishraBowlerIndiaINR 50 LakhsYes
Naveen-ul-HaqBowlerIndiaINR 50 LakhsYes
Mayank YadavBowlerIndiaINR 20 LakhsYes
Shivam MaviBowlerIndiaINR 6.4 CroreNo
M. SiddharthBowlerIndiaINR 2.40 CroreNo

Team Player Spotlights:-

KL Rahul

  • He contributed to the Lucknow Super Giants’ victory over the Mumbai Indians with an unbeaten 103 off 60 balls.
  • He was the Lucknow Super Giants’ top scorer in the 2022 Indian Premier League, with 616 runs at a strike rate of 135.76 and an average of 51.33 in 15 games.

Quinton de Kock

He scored 74 runs without losing in 47 balls to aid Lucknow Super Giants in their victory over the Delhi Capitals.

He was the Lucknow Super Giants’ second-highest run scorer in the 2022 Indian Premier League, with 471 runs at a strike rate of 138.33 and an average of 31.40 in 15 games.

Nicholas Pooran

He had a key role in the Lucknow Super Giants’ victory over Sunrisers Hyderabad with an unbeaten 34 off 18 balls.

He was the Lucknow Super Giants’ third-highest run scorer in the 2022 Indian Premier League, scoring 306 runs with a strike rate of 147.14 and an average of 25.50 in 14 games.

Marcus Stoinis

He contributed to Lucknow Super Giants’ victory over Royal Challengers Bangalore with an undefeated 59 off 34 balls.

He was the Lucknow SuperGiants’ fourth-highest run scorer in the 2022 Indian Premier League, with 234 runs at a 19.50 average and 136.84 strike rate in 14 games.

Kyle Mayers

He helped the Lucknow Super Giants defeat the Kolkata Knight Riders by taking 3/22 in 4 overs.

He was the Lucknow Super Giants’ top wicket-taker in the 2022 Indian Premier League, amassing 17 wickets at an economy rate of 7.93 and an average of 24.53 in 14 matches.

Ayush Badoni 

He aided the Lucknow Super Giants in their victory over the Gujarat Titans with an unbeaten 54 off 41 balls.

He was the Lucknow Super Giants’ second-leading wicket-taker in the 2022 Indian Premier League, taking 14 wickets at an average of 28.29 and an economy rate of 8.14 in 14 matches.

Deepak Hooda 

He scored 41 points off of 26 balls without losing to aid Lucknow Super Giants in their victory over Punjab Kings.

He finished third among the Lucknow Super Giants’ top wicket-takers in the 2022 Indian Premier League, having claimed 13 wickets in 14 games at an average of 24.69 and an economy rate of 7.71.

Krunal Pandya

He helped the Lucknow Super Giants defeat the Rajasthan Royals by scoring 3/17 in 4 overs.

was the Lucknow Super Giants’ fourth-leading wicket-taker in the 2022 Indian Premier League, taking 12 wickets at an average of 26.25 and an economy rate of 7.86 in 14 matches.

Prerak Mankad 

He took 2/28 in 4 overs to aid Chennai Super Kings in their defeat at the hands of Lucknow Super Giants.

Finished sixth among the Lucknow Super Giants’ top wicket-takers in the 2022 Indian Premier League, having claimed 11 wickets in 14 matches at an average of 28.91 and an economy rate of 8.21.

Yudhvir Singh 

He helped the Lucknow Super Giants defeat the Delhi Capitals by taking 2/25 in 4 overs.

Finished sixth in the Lucknow Super Giants’ IPL 2022 wicket-taking rankings with 10 wickets in 14 matches at an economy rate of 8.43 and an average of 30.50.

Krishnappa Gowtham 

He helped the Lucknow Super Giants defeat the Royal Challengers Bangalore by taking 3/18 in 4 overs.

Finished seventh in the Lucknow Super Giants’ IPL 2022 wicket-taking rankings with 9 wickets in 14 matches at an economy rate of 8.57 and an average of 33.22.

Arshin Kulkarni

He helped the Lucknow Super Giants defeat the Sunrisers Hyderabad by taking 2/29 in 4 overs.

He was the Lucknow Super Giants’ eighth-leading wicket-taker in the 2022 Indian Premier League, collecting 8 wickets in 14 games at an average of 34.50.

Beyond the Boundary: Lucknow Super Giants in the Community

The clamour of the Lucknow Super Giants is not confined to the cricket pitch. As a socially conscious franchise, they are aware that their influence transcends national boundaries and resonates with the community through meaningful projects and social responsibility programmes. The Lucknow Super Giants are dedicated to growing their social responsibility and community involvement programmes. They intend to initiate further community-based development initiatives in various Uttar Pradesh districts. Also they are collaborating with top universities to provide academic assistance and athletic scholarships. Let us examine their efforts in these important domains:

Initiatives for Community Engagement

  • Grassroots Development Programmes: The Super Giants actively support grassroots cricket through initiatives such as the “LSG Junior Cricket Academy,” which offers coaching, equipment, and tournament opportunities to potential young players.
  • Talent Scouting and Scholarships: They hold talent scouting camps around Uttar Pradesh in order to find hidden gems and provide scholarships to deserving young people so they can develop their abilities and pursue professional jobs.
  • Cricket Clinics and Coaching Camps: Well-known players and coaches from the squad host clinics and camps around the state to inspire young players and teach important cricketing skills.

Social Responsibility: Uplifting the Community 

  • Support for Education and Healthcare: The Super Giants work with non-governmental organisations to solve important issues such as giving impoverished children access to educational materials and funding local healthcare projects.
  • Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation: The franchise takes a proactive role in aiding relief efforts during natural catastrophes by supplying necessary materials and funding programmes for rehabilitation.
  • Women Empowerment: Understanding the value of gender parity, they back community-based programmes that advance women’s entrepreneurship, skill-building, and education.


Despite their short history, the Lucknow Super Giants have already established themselves as a major force in the IPL. They have a devoted following and a lasting impression on people thanks to their aggressive cricket style, bright future, and dedication to social responsibility. The saga of the Lucknow Super Giants is far from finished. The next several cricket seasons should be full of exciting matches, tactical skirmishes, and memorable moments that will go down in cricket history. With each shout, they are not just pursuing trophies but also creating a lasting legacy, motivating a new generation, and changing cricket forever. 

Cricket fans, buckle up, the Lucknow Super Giants’ roar is just going to grow louder! 

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